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  Dear Children:

Did you ever have an imaginary friend?
Do you have a friend who has an imaginary friend? I think an imaginary friend can be nice. Let’s try something!
Let’s pretend you have an imaginary friend. This friend’s name is “Pretend.”
You like your friend, Pretend.
Pretend is always there to play with you when you are bored.
Pretend is always there to talk to you when you are lonely.
Pretend is always there to listen to you when you are happy or angry or sad.
Pretend is always there next to you when you get scared.
Pretend never argues with you.
Pretend always comes when you say, “come.”
Pretend never says, “I’m not your best friend anymore.”
Pretend never takes your toys away from you.

But, there is one thing that is kind of bad about having “Pretend” as your best friend. Do you know what that is? Right, you have to say good-bye forever to “Pretend” when you get older. Imaginary friend, like Pretend, goes away when you get older. That is sad, isn’t it?

Well, guess what? There is a Friend who is sort of like “Pretend” except you never have to say good-bye to Him. He will always be there next to you, listen to you, and be your Best Fiend forever. Like “Pretend” you can’t see Him like a person, but He’s very real like you and me. The best thing about Him is that He is everyone’s Best Friend.

I bet some of you already know who He is. Right! His name is Jesus.
Would you like to have Jesus as your Best Friend today?


Children pastor Chung Whang (chung@churchphila.org)

Westminster Theological Seminary, M.A.R


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