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Q: “What is your life?”
A: “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” James 4:14

Dear youths, parents and teachers:

As I look back to my youth years, I must say, being a youth was definitely not easy.
Twenty years have passed, and our world changed. However, what I experienced as a youth 20 years back and what youths experience today are much similar because human nature has not changed over the years.

All throughout my youth years, I constantly asked myself, “What is happiness?”
Sadly, I didn’t have the answer to the question until much later in my adult years.

As a youth, I struggled with many things…life in general, what happiness means, sexuality, religion, friends, family…Aren’t these the things youth today are struggling with also?

I found from experience, teenagers go through life with many unanswered questions.
I believe it’s so important and necessary for all people, including babies to elderly, to work out life questions.

It is also my belief that the starting point and the end point in the ventures of answering life questions is with God.

The Korean Community of Philadelphia Church youth group will be a place where teenagers can get together, and freely share our life questions, no matter how trivial they might seem. This will be a place where both believing teenagers and non-believing teenagers can freely talk to each other.

In doing this, we are hoping to open the communication channels for our youth with themselves, God, parents, each other and neighbors.

May the Holy Spirit lead us in all our endeavors…

Love in Christ,

Youth pastor Chung Whang (chung@churchphila.org)

Westminster Theological Seminary, M.A.R


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